STPM was founded in 2007 by Philippe Meloni, a business strategy and information and communication technologies (ICT) enthusiast. His profile combines more than 25 years of experience, which gives him a great in-depth knowledge on ICT project management.


Philippe Meloni supports upper management that relies on digital technology to drive their business. He provides a fair and thorough analysis of the situation, unbiased suggestions regarding the solutions available, and an adapted risk management solution. Having worked with large companies and SMEs, Philippe has a natural ability to understand business issues and contributes effectively to corporate management committees by bringing a crucial component to decision making, the technological component. Always on the lookout for solutions that are beneficial for companies, Philippe has a particular interest in modern collaboration tools. Furthermore, he co-founded a collaborative web platform for the business community, INNODIRECT.


STPM's mission is to enable business executives to benefit from the information and communications technologies services of an expert, and to ensure consistency between their business strategy and their technologies that support it.


Through its founder and president Philippe Meloni, STPM offers strategic advice to business executives, supports them in the decisions making process while keeping them informed on the latest technological issues.








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